Installation & Leasing

Installation & Leasing
» Custom Car Audio, Video, Security, Remote Start, and OEM Integration

installationMcDue Ultimate Audio installs every product we sell, making the process easy for our customers. Bring in your car, select your products to order, and pick up your vehicle when it’s ready. We can consult with you to suggest the best products for your needs or find the exact item you are looking for.

We install audio systems, security and remote starter devices, keyless entry pads, video, cruise controls, backup sensors and cameras, batteries, and motorcycle audio, LED lighting, and accessories.

We also offer leasing for all of our products through Progressive. They provide purchasing options for stores and customers and believe no one should have to leave empty handed because they don’t get approved. No credit check is needed because the leasing is based only off of a checking account. McDue’s Ultimate Audio takes care of the paperwork for you—no stress, no mess!
Check out what some of our past and best customers have to say about the work we completed for them.

“Mcdue Ultimate Audio is the only place that I would ever take any of my vehicles for the Ultimate sound. Great people!”

“They fixed my stereo someone messed up in thirty minutes! No more problems at a reasonable price! Superb!”

“The staff was extremely professional and gave me a great deal on the audio system I just recently purchased. I highly recommend for anyone to go try them out.”

“Am a first time customer, so far loving the new deck and the satellite radio installed. Can’t wait to get some new speakers next. Thanks and appreciate the service. You all did a good job.”

“MCDue is truly Ultimate Audio! Thanks for the service and the sound.”

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