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McDue Ultimate Audio provides top of the line audio products for cars and trucks in Farmington from several well-known manufacturers. Click on the logos to learn more about that brand.



Focal offers elite and performance audio systems as well as universal speakers and cables to integrate with your current system. They build amplifiers, cables, speakers, bass enclosures, subwoofers, and motorcycle audio equipment.


Audio Frog

Audio Frog offers high end mobile sound products for vehicles of all types. Their years of experience in the industry has resulted in award-winning car audio systems and components, including automotive tweeters, subwoofers, crossover network kits, and loudspeakers. All of the audio products we have available from Audio Frog are designed for great performance and ease of installation. This manufacturer has audio products that cater to trucks with factory grilles, compact cars, and anything in between.



Mosconi has been providing amplifiers for audio systems for over 20 years. If you need a sound improvement that fits anywhere, this brand has the right product for you. With excellent reviews, extensive product information, and industry experience, McDue Ultimate Audio trusts Mosconi and their products. Click on the logo for more information.



The current Illusion Audio catalogue consists of three high-end mobile audio product lines- Carbon, Luccent, and Electra. Click on the logo for more information.


Memphis Car Audio

This brand offers speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, bass packages, signal processors, and specialty audio products to meet even the most challenging audio needs. Memphis Car Audio also provides accessories such as grills, mojo mats, power kits, RCAS, and more.


Arc Audio

If you want to fit your motorcycle with the best audio products, Arc Audio is the brand for you. They have complete motorcycle audio kits, amplifiers, speakers, adapter rings, and wiring harnesses. Go to their website for in-depth product information.



This reliable audio brand specializes in auto accessories, including amp wiring kits, wire, inner connects, batteries, capacitors, sound damping, and terminals. The logo will take you to their website to learn more.


Encore Automotive Systems

McDue Ultimate Audio carries remote start and security products from Encore Automotive Systems. They have a range of products from simple to fancy, with some items offering long range capabilities and others with display screens. The screens have information such as temperature, time, and icons confirming “lock” or “unlock”. Alarm remote comes with up to 4 channels. They also have a cell phone monitoring features for parents of new drivers.



Sony makes excellent quality head units available from McDue Ultimate Audio. Head units are the radio, CD player, and iPod connection unit with all the controls, like an audio “command center”. Their products feature backlit buttons, brightly colored screens with the artist and song title scrolling, and easy to control volume treble/bass adjustments. The head units also include GPS navigation with map graphics so you’ll never get lost. They also have complete stereo systems including speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers.



Pioneer also offers head units, GPS units, and stereo systems. With AppRadio capabilities, you can connect your phone to the stereo system to experience mobile streaming. Receivers, speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers are all part of their product line. Check out their website to compare with other brands.


Orion Car Audio

One of the best-known, well respected, and toughest high performance brands in the world of car audio with an ever expanding line of products.


American Bass

American Bass manufactures top-end car audio equipment and accessories. Est. in 1991, American Bass has set numerous world records in dB Drag Racing, USACi and MECA.



Excalibur provides a wide variety or one-way or two-way remote start, keyless entry, and security system solutions.

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